• You Have a Feeling It's Going to Be a Long Day
Zack Morrison

It is someone's birthday today.

• headed for stardom
Jonathan Griffiths and J.N. Wiedle

A young troll holds a talent competition.

• john's birthday
KC Green

It is John's birthday. He went to the zoo.

• prototyped
Zack Morrison and J.N. Wiedle

A young boy prototypes his kernelsprite.

• a fun day for bec
Rachel Rocklin, J.N. Wiedle, and Matt Cummings

Bec has a fun day.

• critical miss
J.N. Wiedle, Benito Cereno, and Kristin Kemper

Two trolls enjoy a friendly game.

• con faire
J.N. Wiedle and David McGuire

It's a talent show!

• deadline day
Ian McConville and Matt Boyd

A newspaper tries to stay in business.

• a fun day for gcat
Rachel Rocklin and Matt Cummings

GCat has a fun day.

• quality time
Andrew Hussie, J.N. Wiedle, and Hanni Brosh

A father takes his son shopping.

• fetch quest
Evan Dahm and Phil Gibson

A parcel mistress fetches the mail.

• summer sea fun
KC Green


• Hunting Lesson
Phil Gibson and Adrienne Garcia

A hunting lesson between two young trolls.

• Togy Hawk Pro Skator
KC Green

Grind kickflip halfpipe rad tubular skagetboarg

• Ace Sleuth Jane
David McGuire and J.N. Wiedle

An Ace Sleuth solves a Mystery

• PArty Crashers
Zack Morrison, Adrienne Garcia, and EK Weaver

A consort finds a book.

• Nak Worth
J.N. Wiedle and Phil Gibson

Just a regular day on LOHAC.

Zack Morrison, Adrienne Garcia, and EK Weaver

A prophet tries to talk with his people.

KC Green


• A Fun Day for Jaspers
Rachel Rocklin, J.N. Wiedle, and Allison Shabet

Jaspers has a Fun Day.

• Killswitch ENGAGE
J.N. Wiedle, Phil Gibson, and Mallory Dyer

A troll requires technical assistance.

• Hand Made in Alternia
J.N. Wiedle and Phil Gibson

An excellent host turns to his young ward for help with preparing refreshments for guests.

• Indemnity Double Reacharound
J.N. Wiedle, Benito Cereno, John Keogh, and David McGuire

• The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
J.N. Wiedle, Magnolia Porter, and Mary Borsellino

Two friends visit each other's dream homes.

• Her Pale Passions
Phil Gibson

A goddess seeks advice from a book.

• Can Town in Trouble!
J.N. Wiedle, Kristin Kemper, Adrienne Garcia, and Bea Munoz

Can Town is in trouble!

• Night at the 100dseum
Jonathan Griffiths and Mallory Dyer

Two young trolls experience high art.

• Soul-Fraying Games
J.N. Wiedle, Alex Rofael, and Rennie Kingsley

A group of kids prepare to have an adventure of the role-playing sort.

• The Viceroy and the Lady Grimme
Phil Gibson, Fin Hickey, and Evin Weston

So a Lady and a Viceroy walk into a dungeon...

• Horse Play
Jonathan Griffiths, Zack Morrison, Phil Gibson, and Mallory Dyer

An excellent host wants to play a game.

• Lalondian Tourism
Phil Gibson, Adrienne Garcia, and Alex Rofael

A troll explains a human room to another troll.

• Go Fetch
Kristin Kemper, Arden Ripley, and Shelby Cragg

Two friends talk while a family guardian gets in the way.

• the thirst of dornamon gary
KC Green

dude. yes.

• Hospitality
Phil Gibson, Alex Rofael, and Mary Cagle

HeY bRo :o)

• Mother & Grub
Adrienne Garcia and Alex Rofael

A mother will do whatever is best for her children.

• Garbage Day
Alex Rofael and Incineraptor

Chores need to be done, but who will do them?

• Stand-Up Room Only
J.N. Wiedle, Phil Gibson, and Adrienne Garcia

Tell us a joke, funny boy.

• Damara
Allison Shabet, Mary Borsellino, and Tom Siddell

Damara Megido died yesterday.

• Antiquated Japesterism
EK Weaver, Alex Rofael, and KT Jayne

A dashing lad explores the jungle.

• The Inaugural Death of Mister Seven
Andrew Hussie and J.N. Wiedle

Crowbar needs to round up a bunch of chuckleheads.

• A Friend in Need
Phil Gibson, Mary Borsellino, and Rennie Kingsley

A fashionable troll helps a friend in need.

• The Mortician
Hanni Brosh and Phil Gibson

There is need for a mortician.

• Holiday Activity Pages
David McGuire

Happy Holidays! Here's some fun activities to do!

• Secret Sufferer
Matt Cummings and Phil Gibson

Holiday Traditions

• Lady Grimme and the Red Knight
J.N. Wiedle and Mary Borsellino

The continuing adventures of Lady Grimme as she encounters the Red Knight.

• Three out of Five Hats
Incineraptor and John Girard

A bored youth reviews his peers.

• Birds and Bees
Matt Cummings and Alex Rofael

A young girl asks her guardian a big question.

• Steward of Void
Shad Andrews and Phil Gibson

A coolkid finds himself on a very....strong island.

• Star of the Ocean
Phil Gibson and Adrienne Garcia

A young troll searches for a lost treasure.

• Spritecon
Hanni Brosh and Phil Gibson

A group of game abstractions have a conference.

• Relation Shipping
Phil Gibson and Rennie Kingsley

A young troll offers the purrfect service.

• Summerteen Romance
Jonathan Griffiths, Zack Morrison, Tauhid Bondia, and Shelby Cragg

A great number of trolls go to summer camp.

• PSX Book 2 Preview: Vrisky Business
Kory Bing, Andrew Hussie, and Mallory Dyer

PXS Book 2 is up for preorder! There's a special bonus story included, here's a preview!